A View to AKIL #3

A View to AKIL- Asia Knowledge and Innovation Lab – Regular Monthly Info on what we are up to….#3

Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri!

Local ideas and innovations are needed to solve difficult and entrenched problems. Better connectivity via broadband is one contributor to creating an environment that can enable these ideas and innovations. One very cool, must known place is Pekalongan city in Central Java. Aside from being famous for its vibrant batik industry, the city is now making big moves to improve public services and knowledge management activities by using Cloud based solutions along with making investments in fiber optic infrastructure.

Along with the Government of Pekalongan Kota and others from Government, Public Sector, Private Sector, AKIL participated in the meaningful Broadband working group. The group was brought together to collaborate and achieve the targets of Indonesia Broadband for 2015 and the government plan for a knowledge-based society. The need for strengthening fixed broadband and promoting innovative solutions is imperative, with Pekalongan city being a model for the future of Indonesia ICT infrastructure.

Diving more local into innovation and knowledge, the AKIL team wants to congratulate the Green Club and Yayasan Kopernik on their success in influencing behavior change through facilitating access to free water in schools and empowering student as facilitators.

We also want to congratulate all 216 CSOs from the 12 participating countries who entered the The Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA). 12 applications were received from Indonesia. The GPSA Steering Committee selected Yayasan Wahana Visi as Indonesia’s proposal: “Citizen Voice and Action for Government Accountability and Improved Services” for $950,000 in funding under the GPSA grant program. AKIL’s own Ramda Yanurzha had a few proposal comments for consideration around technology and implementation that hope to strengthen the results and outputs.
GPSA aims to provide technical assistance and support for innovation, transparency, and openness, with the aim of better quality of spending and thereby improved service delivery outcomes for citizens in Indonesia.

Following up on our online and offline Data Demand Research, our WB counterparts released a blog entry on the Indonesia aspect of the work and are preparing a multimedia package. There is interest to expand the activities to more locations so if any of our readers want in on the action, just let us know! This would allow us to have a more representative sample, allowing the “offline” findings to be more relevant and feed into a case study on the offline demand for open data.

AKIL strives to stay innovative as freshness is always pleasant. Some broader AKIL activities in the pipeline are to align key areas for development and activities within development agencies, GoI and related Knowledge and Innovation actors (UN Global Pulse, Broadband IDN, Teknopreneur) focusing on the development of a number of ‘applications, tools and systems’ for GoI, PNPM and development programs, to share, openly access and collect data (e.g. frontline service delivery applications to help decision-makers do their jobs better, incentivize participation, and help to collect and share more meaningful data).

The AKIL activities further extend to include playing a convening role for the possible establishment of a ‘hub’ or ‘lab’ like the many springing up all over the world through support of agencies such as Hivos and Development Gateway. The Indonesia based hub would ideally be a partnership between global and local actors who have helped to host and get a number of similar operations off the ground elsewhere.

Lastly, we are very excited to have reached such a high number people who have registered for the AKIL newsletter and want to give thanks to all for joining and supporting us. We encourage your opinions and comments on our work as it will push us to think critically and stay innovative and as cutting edge as possible -within the confines of development and a local level bias!

Now for the tricky part – recalling memory! It’s said that after 21 days, 18% of any subject matter is remembered, repeat what you wish to learn until you overlearn it. So again, just to retain what AKIL is:

AKIL is part of a larger effort to build applications that can be used across development programs and agencies. Incubated from the PSF PNPM Support Facility, AusAid and WB, is the Asia Knowledge and Innovation Lab (AKIL). The objective is to trial and support the innovative use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to improve the effectiveness of community based programs targeting Indonesia’s increasingly connected poor.

The intermediate outcomes expected of the program include:

  1. Improved accessibility of development data owned by government and donors, and enhanced publishing in ‘open data’ formats for broad use and accountability.
  2. Mobile and other rapid forms of government data collection to allow for real-time monitoring and information sharing are developed or strengthened;
  3. A developer community working with the public and private sectors to apply technical skills to develop ICT applications for social development purposes in Indonesia is created.

Beta external AKIL Site & Signup: https://akilnews.wordpress.com/


MECS Innovation Fund
The GSM Association is a trade association of over 800 mobile network operators around the world. Mobile Enabled Community Services (MECS)is the newest programme of the GSMA. The goal of the MECS programme is to leverage mobile technology or infrastructure to deliver improved access to energy/water to underserved communities. Towards this end, we have established the MECS Innovation Fund, the details of which can be found on our webpage (http://www.gsma.com/mobilefordevelopment/programmes/mobile-enabled-community-services/innovation-fund).

Bank Mandiri, partnering with Teknopreneur, will be holding the annual Mandiri Young Technopreneur 2013. It aims to award young Indonesian who developed both technological and non-technological innovations aiming to improve the welfare and advance local entrepreneurship for the better future of Indonesia. The theme last year was disabilities technology, which is now being facilitated through isara (apps to read and learn sign language of mute people) and lexipal (apps for people with dislexia to learn common education).
Registration to the competition will run from August through November.

Biggest Tech Conference & Startup Competition in Indonesia.
Bali 14-15th November 2013

Asia Social Innovation Camp Jakarta 2013
Social Innovation Camp is coming to Jakarta and will be brought to you by Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia. From 11th – 13th October 2013, we’re bringing some of the best of Indonesia’s software developers and designers, to meet those at the sharp end of social problems.

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